Welcome to ML Electric Incorporated

Welcome to ML Electric Incorporated

Welcome to ML Electric IncorporatedWelcome to ML Electric IncorporatedWelcome to ML Electric Incorporated

"Professional Service And Quality Work"

About Us...

Residential . Commercial . Industrial Electrical Services Provider


ML Electric Incorporated in Burbank is an Electrical Services Provider and have been in this industry for the past 20 years. 

We serve most of SoCal areas and experienced in new construction room additions and remodels for both residential & commercial renovation jobs. We do specialize in electrical projects, so mention this ad & receive 10% off any electrical services you may require!

We are an established family operated company with an excellent track record for best customer satisfaction.

We have never compromised on presenting professional service for our customers. 

We believe in keeping the customers happy by providing our quality work at a competitive price. 



We are Bonded & Licensed by CSLB

We have "Flat Rate" pricing

We provide Service Contracts

We have in-house Electricians

We have General Liability Insurance

We have Worker's Compensation Insurance



 We strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, quality materials, and our dedication to perform exceptional & professional service. 

The job is not finished until you are satisfied.


MLEI General Contractors...


From something as simple as a recessed light installation to the complexity of a whole-house remodel, we deliver professional service & quality work in every phase of your project.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with homeowners to bring their visions to life.

MLEI General Contractor Services•••

Here are some of the services we provide as your GC:

  • Estimate costs
  • Apply for building permits
  • Pay necessary fees and taxes
  • Verify liability and other kinds of insurance are up-to-date with all subcontractors
  • Order materials and confirm they’re in good condition when they arrive
  • Create and maintain job books to keep track of progress and to follow Lead Safety laws
  • Schedule all carpenters and subcontractors in the order they need to be on the job, and oversee that scheduling each day as the work progresses
  • Maintain ongoing communication (via phone calls, e-mails, and site visits) with the homeowners and subcontractors to ensure that the homeowner’s needs are met
  • Be on hand to answer any questions that come up during the course of the work
  • Swiftly resolve any problems or unexpected issues that arise
  • Pay subcontractors
  • Make sure Lead Safety laws are followed
  • Stay current with new legislation that impacts day-to-day activities and record-keepin


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MLEI Customer FAQs•••


• What are your service areas?

We take on remodeling and building projects in most of SoCal cities including LA, Orange, Riverside, Ventura & San Bernardino.  We will sometimes go further for solar panel installation and specialty projects.  

• What happens when I call for an estimate?

When you contact MLEI for an estimate, our Project Design Mgt, Nicolette Leabovize, will return your call or email promptly and set up an appointment for our owner contractor & bid estimator, Moshe Leabovize, to see your project. If appropriate, they may bring one or more subcontractors with them. After assessment, a proposal will be sent to you for your approval.

We believe that communication is one of the keys to a successful project. We listen carefully to your needs and ideas. Nicolette has extensive experience as a design architect & Moshe as a master electrician... and together have over 20 years of construction experience. This means they can also provide you with valuable advice and suggestions.

• After I sign the proposal, when will work begin?

We can then provide you a general idea of our current schedule. As soon as the proposal is approved and the materials checklist completed, MLEI can schedule your project for our next available time. Outdoor projects are generally scheduled for spring or summer into the fall.

If your project is urgent (such as a leak), we will schedule it right away. Smaller projects can often be “slipped in” when weather or other variables free our crew up for a day or two.

• How long will my project take?

It depends on the size of the project. But once work begins, our employees remain on job schedule until your project is done. Throughout the process, we communicate regularly with you to ensure that your schedules are respected and your needs are addressed.

• How dusty will my living space be during the project?

In most cases, homeowners remain in their homes while we complete their projects. Remodeling and construction are messy, especially when there is significant demolition involved. We respect your living space, and contain dust, dirt, and noise as much as possible. We provide protection for areas that will be walked through, and isolate the work area where we can.

• I have an older home, and I’m unsure if I have lead paint. Will this be an issue during my remodel?

If your home is older than 1978, it must be assumed that there is lead present. We follow all EPA lead abatement guidelines and procedures to keep our workers and customers safe from the hazards of lead dust. We will provide a crew certified or trained according to the EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.